ShipDriver™ Watercraft Controller

Please note: this product has been discontinued. Information on this site remains available for current owners of the ShipDriver controller.

ShipDriver Watercraft Simulation Controller with optional modren steering wheel and tiller
  • USB game controller
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7
  • Tiller and steering wheels included
  • Prototypical Morse controls
  • Forty-four assignable buttons
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Helm ButtonsModern WheelGame buttons and POV/hatThrustersTiller

Tested Compatible with:

  • Ship Simulator 2008
  • Ship Simulator Extremes
  • Sail Simulator 5.2
  • Vehicle Simulator (Virtual Sailor)
  • Ports of Call (POCSim 3d II)

The ShipDriver is a game controller and will be recognized by most marine simulation programs.

The ShipDriver™ Watercraft Controller operates ships, motorboats, sail boats, tug boats, pilot boats, cutters, tankers, container vessels, battle cruisers, pirate ships, frigates, catamarans, PT boats, aircraft carriers, submarines, yachts, jet skis, cruise ships, rescue vessels, inflatables, and any other craft in a simulation software accepting USB game controller input.

Control Unit Dimensions and Weight:

  • 13.5" x 7.0" x 4.0" (34cm x 18cm x 10cm)
  • 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)

Shipping Dimensions and Weight:

  • 19.0" x 9.0" x 7.5" (48cm x 24cm x 19cm)
  • 9.5 lbs (4.3 kg)
ShipDriver Watercraft Controller with optional tiller and modern wheel

Analog Controls:

  • Classic Ship's Wheel
  • Modern Steering Wheel
  • Tiller
  • Engine 1 full range throttle
  • Engine 2 full range throttle
  • Bow Thruster
  • Stern Thruster

The helm housing tilts up and locks into place for the wheel mounting. Fold it flat and snap on the tiller lever to change control types. Two dedicated buttons change the game controller sensitivity and limits to match the type of rudder control. The ShipDriver display will indicate “-1-” for Tiller Mode and “-2-” for Wheel Mode.

Game Controls:

  • POV/Hat switch
  • Zoom Rocker
  • 28 Buttons
  • Two way Horn lever
  • 2 rocker switches
  • 4 helm buttons

The Hat switch and zoom rocker are perfect for changing point of view and zooming in or out to look around in the simulation. The top bank of blue buttons sends key commands F1 – F5 and 0-5 and changes the steering control to tiller or wheel for each rudder control attachment. The lower bank of blue buttons and all buttons on the helm are game controller buttons. The user may easily map the buttons to controls in the simulation software using the control settings. The two legend strips for the blue buttons may be easily edited, reprinted, and cut to fit under the panel.


  • Built in subwoofer with amplitude control
  • Stereo pass through for front channel left and right

The onboard subwoofer provides a vibration in the helm controls which adds an element of realism not found in most simulation controllers. An amplitude control on the back panel allows the user to easily adjust the sound and vibration to a comfortable level.

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